Vlog Entry 2

Michelle turns on the camera. She’s dressed casually, like she’s relaxing at home. She seems a little concerned, but looks relatively fresh and chipper.

“I know it’s been a little bit since my last vlog entry, but work’s been a real pain and I got addicted to some new games. They really should put a notice on video and computer games that they are dangerously addictive. I swear, it has been so tempting to just quit my stupid job, and just immerse myself in the virtual world. I guess I can always think that for a moment, but there are people’s lives at stake and it’s my duty to keep them safe. I can’t let this guy keep killing and torturing, and it’s wrong for me to be so selfish. I have to remind myself of these inconvenient facts every morning I want to sleep in, and every day I wish I was playing my forsaken warlock in World of Warcraft instead of working at my desk. Her name’s Slayer_Vi, she’s got the coolest armor and spells, and she’s a total badass at level 60. At least working long hours gives me a little rush—lots of red bull and starbucks runs helps with the rest, and at least I get paid.

Anyway, I’m vlogging now because the past few months have been getting weirder and weirder. You know the killer that I talked about last time? Yeah, we still haven’t caught him and he’s changed his behavior. Beforehand, he’d mostly stay in one place until he would go dormant- but he’s started moving while in the killing phase. Every thirteen days, he changes location and he keeps going east. We first noticed him in San Francisco, then we caught him in Sacramento, then Reno, then Las Vegas, then Salt Lake City, then Colorado Springs, now Denver. I swear, something weird is going on, as there must have been some event that caused him to alter his behavior. If only I knew what it was…

Yeah, it’s late. I probably should get to bed now. I have an early rise again tomorrow. Eh, why not a little game of Starcraft 2? I feel like I need to improve upon my protoss skills.”

Vlog Entry 2

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