Vlog Entry 1

Michelle stares at the camera. She is dressed her pajamas, and looks like she’s about to go to bed. She looks a little stressed out, but not too haggard.

“So, I just got assigned a new case. Work is usually pretty stressful, but I have to say this is quite possibly the worst experience of my life. I’m hunting a serial killer who first showed up in 2004, that’s almost eight years ago. This guy is a real creep; he always kills his victims in the same three stages. First, he delivers blunt-force trauma to the skull. This is designed to knock them unconscious, but still often causes skull fractures or concussions. Second, he chooses a piece of their body, and partially consumes it. Ewww, gross! Lastly, he starts decorating them with a knife until they die or he gets bored. I know I’m supposed to keep this classified, but I’d go crazy if I didn’t talk to someone about this. I don’t know why this sicko has gotten under my skin, but he just has!

But it gets weirder: Some of his victims were seen alive after they died. Or, more accurately, time of death was set at a time when the victims were alive. Or, rather, as in investigations of their bodies came up with an official time of death, but the time of death was a time when they were known to be alive. That boggles my mind! How is this possible? –Ugh, this makes my head hurt even thinking about it. So killer operates in waves- he’ll kill every 13 days for a period, then go inactive. He’s killed over 50 people that we know of, and I’m trying to profile this guy.

Hmmm, for a preliminary profile, I’d say that the killer is highly organized, very intelligent, methodical, and possesses a very detailed knowledge of human anatomy. He’s obviously well-educated given his anatomical expertise, the level of detail in his murders shows premeditation, and he’s very careful and selectively leaves evidence to establish his ownership of the deed without giving authorities any clue as to who he really is. This guy is clearly an organized offender and he enjoys leaving signatures for authorities, but he is smart enough to avoid leaving anything that would link him to the deed or suggest who he is.

It’s getting late. I need to go to bed. I have to get up for work early tomorrow, and keep looking into this freak. Oh well, at least I can check out Dragon Age 2 once I get off, whenever that will be.”

Vlog Entry 1

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