To My Uncle Heinrich

Dear Uncle,

If you are reading this, then there is a great chance that I am dead. There is a better than average chance that my demise came while pursuing my post with the DAI. If this is the case, then there are some things that may need to be handled delicately with the family.

I am writing you with regards to the last conversation we had before I went to America to see the mysterious Director Kunst. You are the one with the most knowledge about the DAI within the family who is also aware of my involvement. In order to keep information under control, I felt it best to keep this concentrated to only a few people. I hope I didn’t presume too much.

I am entrusting you with disbursing only as much information as necessary about my demise in order to satisfy outside curiosity. The things I’ve seen today have been enough to take precautions against too much information making it out to the broad public. I don’t know how much I can say, only that what happens here is vital and necessary. Of course, if you’re reading this, there’s not much I can’t say. You can’t sue the dead.

If all goes well, these letters will become unnecessary and will be destroyed upon my leave from the DAI, whenever that is. These letters are to insure that at least one of the family knows the truth and is fully able to obfuscate any discrepancies that may arise from my possible, untimely death.

Your Nephew,


To My Uncle Heinrich

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