Character Creation Rules

The game is going to take place in the modern world, with mundane – though exceptional – characters. Your base power level is going to be 5, and you have 75 base power points to spend on your stats. Ordinary humans are PL1, your average thug or untrained soldier is PL2, trained soldiers or law enforcement agents are PL3, and elite agents, special operatives, or the like are PL4. You are, therefore, the very best humanity has to offer.

Aim for someone from a law enforcement, military, or espionage background. Kludges like the investigative forensic pathologist are fine, ones like the scrappy young whiz kid fresh out of high school who can go toe-to-toe with government agencies are not. Unusual skills and feats are appreciated. Combat ability is a must.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that, when you start out, your characters are absolutely mundane. No legitimate arcane knowledge, no experiences with the supernatural, and absolutely no superpowers. Powers as feats are generally acceptable, as long as you’re not trying to skirt this requirement. This is not a permanent condition, however. Your characters will be gaining supernatural ability at some point in the story – sorry if I ruined the surprise. However, I’ll be the one behind that process.

To make the process easier, please include at the bottom of your character sheet a descriptor of a role you would like to fill once you gain said abilities. Roles should be general descriptors rather than types of creatures – tank, brute, brick, or powerhouse are good, and even “something with claws and teeth and rage” can work. Werewolf does not. Role should correspond to your character concept to some degree, but it need not be absolute – you can base it on what your character is, but also on what they dream of being. Please also include an element of some form or another. It can be, but need not be one of the classical ones like “fire” or “earth;” “sword,” “shadow,” or “hunger” are also viable choices. Keep in mind, though, that the game is intended to be somewhat serious – the “gummy bears” suggestion will only force me to improvise.

Character Creation Rules

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