Monster Manual

Lilitu – An Assyrian storm demon who preys on mothers, children, and pregnant women. She drinks the lives of newborns, and seduces men so that she can feast upon their wives. Their legend eventually mutated into the legend of Lilith, the first wife of Adam and lover of Samael.

Attack: +8
Defense: +10
Toughness: +6
Fortitude: +7
Reflex: +10
Will: +10
Initiative: +15

Talon Strike/Bite – melee attack with razor-sharp talons or wicked fangs. Strike 8.
Vacuum Claw – uses wind magic to launch blades of air from her claws. Blast 8.
Storm Warning – focuses her wind magic for an overwhelming attack. Next action will be Tornado.
Tornado – a massive blast of air that devastates everything in its path. Strike 8, Area (Burst).
Demonic Speed – she moves faster than you can imagine. Acts on Initiative and Initiative – 10.
Second Wind – just when you thought it was over… Total regeneration once per combat.

Goat Butler – Low-grade Servant summoned by witches and demonologists. Although extremely loyal, they are closer to animals than men, and are incapable of carrying out complex orders. Their powerful bodies and ease of summoning make them perfect bodyguards and soldiers.

Stats Unknown

Goat Steward – Leaders of the Goat Butlers. Although still a low-grade Servant, they have extremely powerful bodies, close to human intelligence and are capable of directing the other Goats.

Attack: +5
Defense: +5
Toughness: +15
Fortitude: +12
Reflex: +10
Will: +7
Initiative: +10

Vector Blade – strikes with an ornate monomolecular blade formed of magical force. Strike 15.
Primal Terror – invokes a primal fear response in all who behold it. Emotion Control (Fear) 5, Aura, Blast, cannot inflict more than 1 level per failed save. Disabled when berserk.
Fast Stride – its massive body belies a terrible quickness. Speed 1.
Shake Off – you’ve wounded it, but that doesn’t mean you’ve hurt it. Automatically recovers from being stunned, but allows a new save against fear.
Berserk – it appears you are no longer being underestimated. Double-acts and moves when staggered, ignores the disabled condition.

Monster Manual

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