Letter 01


My name is Joshua Kunst, the Director of the the Department of Anomalous Investigations. I would like to offer you the unique opportunity to become pioneers in a new and exciting field, help your country in a way few others could ever dream of, and get to experience a world beyond that which you have ever seen.

Due to the secrecy of our work and the vital importance which we have to National Security, our agency has been specifically excluded from the Freedom of Information Act and all subsequent amendments thereto. You will not find our agency in the newspaper, on the television, or even on the internet. You will only find the results of our investigations on the blogs of conspiracy theorists and fiction novels. What we do is strictly classified, and of the most fundamental importance to our country.

Your job, should you accept it, will be act as our agents. You will be part of an elite team which shall act as liaisons to local and national government agencies where our investigations have determined a likelihood of Anomalous involvement. It is a difficult and dangerous role on the best days, and fruitless on the others. However, if you are capable of handling it, it is perhaps the most rewarding work that you can ask for. Who else can boast that they are not only advancing a field of science more unknown to us now than any were to our forefathers, but also saving countless lives on a day-to-day basis?

Our agency will take no action against you if you reject this offer. We are an official agency of the United States, and behave as such. You may feel free to share this offer with whoever you wish, and I wish you the very best of luck in convincing any sane individual of it. However, if you are interested, then I invite you to become a part of something greater than you could imagine, and accept my offer to become an agent of the DAI.


Joshua Kunst, Director

Letter 01

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