Major Factions

Department of Anomalous Investigations
United States governmental agency dedicated to the investigation of non-scientifically reproducible phenomenon, or “anomalies.” Researches and investigates anomalies, and contains or destroys those which prove to be a danger to the United States and its citizens.

Known Members:

  • Joshua Kunst, Director. In charge of the entirety of the DAI.
  • Robert Mills, Investigations Supervisor. Has direct authority over all investigative teams, answers only to Director Kunst.
  • Melissa Wyckham, Research Specialist, liaison to the Oriental Institute. Investigation Team Mu’s point of contact for dealing with the Research Teams.
  • Elizabeth Travers, Dispatch Specialist. Manages all investigative teams’ interactions with local and other Federal authorities. Falsifies identification for whatever government agency the team will pretend to be from, and comes up with cover stories.
  • Theodore Andrus, Equipment Specialist. Handles the team’s weaponry and armor when not in use, procures specialized equipment as required by the team. Give him enough notice, and he’ll come up with whatever you need.
  • Phillip Jertigan, Receptionist. The man in the lobby. Never gets tired of seeing peoples’ reactions to Kunst’s magic trick.
  • Mary Anne Barlow, Investigations Team Lambda Leader.
  • Richard Hepburn, Investigation Team Lambda Member. IT Specialist.
  • William Holmes, Investigation Team Lambda Member. Forensic Specialist.
  • Kevin Morse, Investigation Team Lambda Member. Occult Specialist.
  • Adam Trask, Investigation Team Lambda Member. Psychology Specialist.
  • Benjamin Hertz, Investigation Team Mu.
  • Joshua William Lewis, Investigation Team Mu.
  • Scarlet O’Hara, Investigation Team Mu.
  • Michelle Preston, Investigation Team Mu.
  • Gloria Romero, Investigation Team Mu.
  • Niklas Suche-Schatten, Investigation Team Mu.

The Millennium Cult
Radical Kabbalists who believe in the coming of a Messiah who will create a thousand-year kingdom where God’s chosen will live in peace and prosperity. Their beliefs are extremely reactionary, and they have a strong hatred for all non-Judeo-Christian religions, the practice of magic, and occultism in general. They nevertheless practice the art of magic, and have developed reliable and effective combat thaumaturgy. Sworn enemies of the Church of the Shattered God.

Church of the Shattered God
A Polytheistic, Gnostic religion which believes that the King of the Gods was ambushed and murdered by a being similar to the Devil, which then took his role as King and attempted to wipe out all of the other Gods. Extremely secretive, operating in cells with all members receiving orders on a need-to-know basis. Currently involved in an attempt to destroy the world during the June 5, 2012 transit of Venus.

Minor Factions

The Federal Bureau of Investigation
United States governmental agency which serves as a federal criminal investigative body and internal intelligence agency. The former employer of Michelle Preston. A frequent target for impersonation by DAI personnel due to their investigative jurisdiction over federal crimes.

Chicago Police Department
The principal law enforcement agency of Chicago, Illinois. Usually found having rank pulled on them by DAI agents investigating a potential anomaly. They do not get paid enough to put up with this supernatural crap.

International Criminal Police Organization
Also known as Interpol. An organization which facilitates international police cooperation, with 190 member nations. Focuses focuses primarily on public safety, terrorism, organized crime, crimes against humanity, environmental crime, genocide, war crimes, piracy, illicit drug production, drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering, child pornography, white-collar crime, computer crime, intellectual property crime and corruption, forbidden from intervening in political, military, religious, or racial situations. Former employer of Niklas Suche-Schatten.

Schwarzwald Industries
A private security firm which provides support to the United States Military. Hired to protect officials and installations, train police and military forces, and provide personnel to assist in tactical operations. The former employer of Gloria Romera.


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