Niklas Suche-Schatten


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Niklas Suche-Schatten

Power Level: 5; Power Points Spent: 75/75

STR: 1 (12), DEX: +1 (12), CON: +2 (14), INT: +4 (18), WIS: +3 (16), CHA: +3 (16)

Tough: +2/5, Fort: 3, Ref: +4, Will: +5

Skills: Diplomacy 7 (10), Gather Information 7 (10), Investigate 5 (9), Knowledge (current events) 3 (7), Knowledge (life sciences) 5 (9), Knowledge (technology) 1 (5), Language 2 (2), Notice 7 (10), Search 6 (10), Sense Motive 7 (10), Sleight of Hand 10 (11)

Feats: Benefit 2 (Security Clearance, Wealthy), Connected, Equipment 5, Improved Initiative, Inspire (+1), Leadership, Luck 2, Master Plan, Well-Informed, Skill Mastery (Gather Information, Investigate, Notice, Search)

Equipment: Audi R8, Cell Phone, Commlink, Concealable Microphone, Heavy Pistol, Toolkit (Basic), Undercover Vest

Attack Bonus: +4 (Ranged: +4, Melee: +4, Grapple: +5)

Attacks: Heavy Pistol, +4 (DC 19), Unarmed Attack, +4 (DC 16)

Defense: +3 (Flat-footed: +2), Knockback: -2

Initiative: +5

Drawbacks: Disability, common, moderate, Prosthetic Left Arm

Languages: English, German, Latin

Totals: Abilities 28 + Skills 15 (60 ranks) + Feats 15 + Powers 0 + Combat 14 + Saves 6 – Drawbacks 3 = 75

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Niklas grew up in Bavaria as the youngest in a wealthy family. The Suche-Schattens are an old noble family that have a record of civil service in various fields of expertise, from government and engineering to medicine and law enforcement. Niklas registered an IQ of 174 at 5 years old and developed interests peculiar to such a young child. In particular, he became fascinated with criminals and the clues they leave behind and developed a powerful curiousity for it.

When he was thirteen, an encounter with a front loader crushed his left arm, causing the entire arm to be amputated. He has worn a prosthetic ever since.

At seventeen, he studied Forensics, Medicine and Biology at the University of Tubingen. He refined his detecting skills as part of the student volunteers for the campus police. He sometimes butted heads with his fellow students over his discoveries, but he was rarely wrong. Despite his high demand for excellence, he established excellent leadership skills and his professors and classmates spoke well of his ability to organize a team.

When he graduated at nineteen, his family used their connections to get him an internship as an Interpol forensic assistant. It was apparrent that young Niklas was capable of acute perceptions and could draw detailed conclusions from the evidence presented. He accepted a job as a Forensic Analyst at 23 and was promoted to Lead Analyst at 27. Niklas helped solve many cases for law enforcement agencies around the world. It was also here that he created his reputation for his obsessive demand for details and people learned that, while brilliant, he could be hard to work with when a detail was ommitted. He eventually was promoted to lead a small team that worked difficult and “dead-end” cases.

His reputation as a political troublemaker was established on a case he worked for the FBI. A Salvadorian drug dealer who had turned informant had been murdered in his hotel room. Forensic evidence was scarce, but the FBI’s attention was focused on a local gang leader who frequented the hotel. It was assumed that the murderer had killed the man and left through a window. When Niklas examined the crime scene, he concluded that the killer had neither come or gone through the window-nor through any of the apertures that led into the room.

Niklas concluded that, through some contraption or technique, the killer had entered and left the room through the wall. Naturally, the FBI would not support the argument that the killer could walk through walls, so they edited out Niklas’ conclusion. This caused much friction between Niklas and Matthew Dennis, Criminal Investigative Division Chief for the FBI. In a fit of pique, Niklas published his full report on the internet, despite the sensitivity of the case. The FBI became very upset and it was only his stellar record and the influence of the Suche-Schattens that kept Niklas from being fired outright for such a gross breach of protocol. Interpol put him on the back-burner after that and has kept him on as a “Forensic Consultant.”

Niklas, now 31, is still being consulted on difficult cases and he is still a sought-after forensic analyst. However, because of the incident with the FBI, his career has been stalled for a little while. His Interpol team have been promoted or transferred, leaving him to work alone.


Honor: Once Niklas has taken on a case, he must see it through to the end.

Reputation: Niklas has garnered a reputation as a stickler for details and can be hard to work with.

Resentment: Niklas has taken heat for publishing a sensitive report on an FBI case. If he works a case for the FBI, he has a hard time getting their full and total cooperation.

Fame: Niklas’ family is very well known in the upper echelons of the world’s governments.

Niklas Suche-Schatten

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