Gloria Romero

Field Test Engineer-- Government Contractor


Power Level: 5 (75 PP)

Abilities ( 32 PP): STR 12 ( +1 ), DEX 16 ( +3 ), CON 14 ( +2 ), INT 20 ( +5 ), WIS 16 ( +3 ),
CHA 14 ( +2 )

Saves (0 PP): Toughness +2, +5 (undercover vest); Reflex +3; Fortitude +2, Will +3

Attack (10 points): +5
Defense (4 points): +2, +5 (dodge)

Skills (14 points): Acrobatic 2 (5), Languages (English, Spanish, Arabic), Craft (Mechanical) 5 (10), Craft (Electronic) 5 (10), Craft (Chemical) 2 (7), Disable Device 5 (10), Computers 5 (10), Knowledge (Physical Science) 5 (10), Knowledge (History) 2 (7), Profession (Government Contractor) 2 (7), Intimidate 3 (5), Notice 3 (6), Survival 4 (7), Pilot 2 (5), Knowledge (Technologhy) 5 (10), Knowledge (Government) 2 (7), Diplomacy 2 (5)

Feats (15 points): Attractive 1, Precise Shot 2, Benefit (Security clearance), Dodge 3, Equipment 5, Improved Aim, Connected, Improved Initiaitve 1

Responsibility: To mysterious government contractor
Obsession: Weapons!
Personality: Must always prove herself


Background: None of Billy Romero’s sons could shoot as well as his baby girl, Gloria. As soon as she could stand, her father put a gun in her hand, and it wasn’t long before she became the champion marksman of Duval County, Tx. Billy and Gloria spent many hours maintaining his gun collection that had pieces that went back to the Spanish colonial period. Gloria could take apart and rebuild every gun in the collection, and in fact got the earliest musket back into operating shape. Gloria expanded her father’s weapons collection to include all kinds, including everything from melee weapons to large ordinances. This particularly helped making a lot of noise every year at the Fourth of July celebration in big Texas fashion.

She excelled in science and engineering as a child, designing her own trebuchet for the middle school science fair. Improving on Medieval designs, she took her project all the way to the international science fair. She graduated a year early from high school to take a free ride at Rice University in Houston and then attended graduate school at MIT. She competed in the 2000 and 2004 Olmypics. She has a total of 2 gold and 3 bronze medals in shooting.

Despite her love for warfare, she never entered the military (for reasons she won’t talk about). Instead she became a contractor for Schwarzwald, Ltd. She has deployed all over the world working for many governments. She has recently been offered a contract to work in Washington DC and is interested in checking it out, even if it seems a little boring compared to some of her recent assignments.

Elemental choices: Metal, Craftsmanship, Fire or Electricity (probably not both)
Role: Techie character (or a supernatural version of this), ranged attacks, prefer versitile to powerful

Gloria Romero

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