Strange Tales

June 27, 2012 - End of Days

When the Devil dances in the light of God...

June 4-5, 2012 – A month after the battle with the Lilitu, things have settled into routine. The heroes’ wounds have healed, they’ve met the sixth member of their team, Joshua Lewis, and missions have ranged from the mundane to the frankly boring. That routine, however, is about to be shattered…

On June 4th, Benjamin Hertz, Scarlet O’Hara, Michelle Preston, Gloria Romero, Joshua Lewis, and Niklas Suche-Schatten were summoned to the office of Director Kunst, where their boss informed them that a mysterious gang war had broken out in Chicago. The gangers were reported using strange technology, and so far 6 had been confirmed dead along with probable civilian casualties. The gangs were divided into two groups: one wearing long white coats with gold trim, and the others clad in red robes. The dead consisted entirely of members of the latter while the white coat gang had holed up in an apartment building where they had take hostages as they were surrounded by police and SWAT.

The team was dispatched to the location, where they managed to take down the white-coat gang after a furious firefight where the gang displayed the ability to cast magical spells based on individual eements. The team then proceeded to interrogate the captured gang survivors of the firefight, who described themselves as the Milennium Cult. The Milennium cult is a group of radical Kabbalists whose coats are adorned wth the image of the tree of life and believes that a new messiah is coming, who will usher in a 1000 year kingdom. The cultists described themselves as engaged in a holy war with the Servants of the Shattered God, who believe the Devil shattered the King of the Gods and follow the Shattered King.

The team then conducted a raid upon the Servants of the Shattered God’s headquarters, where they dispatched the cultist destroying the evidence in the abandoned theater. Unforunately, Ben Hertz accidentally ended up exacerbating the fire the cultist set which destroyed the building. Luckily, Agent Preston’s contacts at the police managed to save enough documents from their earlier investigation of the Shattered God cult to enable the team to discern the cult’s plans. They stumbled across a bizarre prophecy that went as follows: “When the devil dances in the light of God/ The Servants of The End shall call forth the Lord of the Covenant/ They shall shatter the world and begin again, rebuilding it in their image.

After much pondering and desperate research, the team finally deciphered the prophecy that the phenomena it was describing referred to the June 5th transit of venus which was to happen the next day. They further deduced that the cult must be planning their ritual that evening at the top of the Sears Tower. Unfortunately, by the team figured out the puzzle it was already in the morning on June 5th. They were then informed by Director Kunst that battles between law enforcement and cultists, as well as terrorist attacks engineered by the cultists had erupted across the city. The team then suited up and proceeded to the Sears Tower, where they travelled up the elevators and stairway to the top floor.

It was now evening, right before the transit of venus. The team encountered a horde of cultists led by a powerful warlock, and managed to dispatch them with a flurry of grenades. The warlock then summoned a horde of demonic goat stewards led by a much larger goat butler (complete with a nasty scythe), and exited to complete his ritual. The team fought the goat butler, but were wiped out- with 2 members dead and 4 disabled. The team then watched in horror as shades as the warlock finished his ritual, summoning forth an endless army of demons who proceeded to destroy the world.

As the world went up in flames, they were suddenly transported to a black void where they spoke to an enigmatic yet malevolent voice. The voice introduced itself as The Benefactor, and informed the party that he could bestow upon them the power to stop the apocalypse, provided that they accept the deal (the terms were left unstated and ambiguous). Naturally some members accepted with great reluctance, others in the team accepted out of desperation- and with the team’s acceptance of their new powers by the mysterious Benefactor, all faded to black.




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