Strange Tales

June 15, 2012 - First Day

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Our story begins on May 8, 2012, when Benjamin Hertz, Scarlet O’Hara, Michelle Preston, Gloria Romero, and Niklas Suche-Schatten followed up on an unusual letter sent to them by Mr. Joshua Kunst, director of the Department of Anomalous Investigations. Everyone had their own reasons for following up on the letter, which purported to be from a government agency which apparently didn’t exist, with most simply following up on the obvious crime that whoever this was had committed.

Stepping into the office’s location in Washington, DC, they were sent up to meet with Director Kunst, who spun them a fanciful tale of Non-Scientifically Reproducible Phenomenon, something which less scientific generations had called the Supernatural, and Scientific Anomalies, which they had called magic or monsters. He invited them to assist him in the research, investigation, and possible containment and neutralization of these Anomalies. While all of them were originally skeptical of this offer, they were soon convinced by Mr. Kunst’s “magic trick” – the revelation that, while they had stepped into the office in DC, they stepped out in Chicago.

Each had their own reasons for joining, but none refused the offer. They were then introduced to Robert Mills, their new supervisor, who introduced them to the men and women who they would be working for. They met Ms. Melissa Wickham, the head of his division’s research team, Ms. Elizabeth Travers, their dispatcher and the woman in charge of preparing their government identification, Theodore Andrus, a Londoner who serves as their equipment specialist, and Ms. Mary Anne Barlow, the leader of a second investigation team functioning alongside theirs. Afterwards, each went their separate ways, and were told to report back at 9:00 AM (CDT) to start their new assignment.

Their new assignment, in this case, was hunting down a serial killer who had been nicknamed “Eddie” by the department. The killer went exclusively after women and young children, and left the corpses completely drained of blood through a bite wound to the neck. While the team initially expected to be dealing with a vampire, further investigation revealed that things weren’t as simple as they looked – analysis of trauma to the tissue revealed that the victims had died before they lost enough blood to kill them, and analysis of the victims determined that each was either the mother of, or sibling of, an infant who had been born in Northwestern Memorial, and had died between one and three weeks earlier. Moreover, the causes of deaths of the infants were completely unknown – the diagnosis was Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Investigating Sarah Rosenberg revealed the first break in the case. She was the only murder victim who had not recently lost an infant – while she had one, it was still alive. The reason the baby had survived was a pendant engraved with the names Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof – three angels who warded off the demon Lilith. Now with a better idea of what they were looking for, they followed up on the SIDS cases, and found that not only had every one of the murder victims been related to a SIDS victim, but that there was an SIDS epidemic in the hospital. Every day from four months ago until two weeks ago, a baby who had recently been born in the hospital died from completely unknown causes. Coincidentally, four months ago, the hospital had hired a beautiful woman named Lily Smith… a woman who had just left two weeks ago, moving to the University of Chicago’s emergency medicine department.

By analyzing the SIDS cases in the new hospital, they were able to determine a probable next victim, and cut Lily off at the pass. However, when they went to arrest her, she revealed her true form – one of the Lilitu, ancient Assyrian demons who embodied the wind and storm, and who preyed on mothers, children, and pregnant women. Infuriated that they had interrupted her meal, Lily attempted to slaughter all of the investigators, tearing them apart with her powerful talons and lethal wind magic. Although the first case that the investigators had nearly became their last, she was finished off by a final desperate attack by Agent Preston, and her corpse dispersed into the night air.



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